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Today Gelatin is a vital ingredient in the most popular drug delivery systems in the world such as two piece hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets, coated tablets, mini, micro capsules etc.

Two piece Hard Capsule:
The manufacture of Hard Gelatin Capsules involves the dipping of stainless steel mould pins into the Gelatin solution, drying, stripping from the pin into a collate, trimming of the caps and bodies, and joining them together. The strength, flexibility, clarity and viscous nature of Gelatin provide characteristics that make it unique in the manufacture of capsules. A typical Hard Capsules Grade Gelatin specification will be:

  Gel strength (bloom) 200 - 270
Viscosity (mps) 40 - 50
  Soft Gelatin Capsules:
Softgels, as they are commonly known today, use a Gelatin solution that is plasticized with propylene glycol, sorbitol, glycerin or other approved mixtures. Soft Gelatin capsules are one-piece and hermetically sealed to enclose a liquid or semi-liquid fill. Soft Gelatin capsules are manufacture-formed, filled and sealed in one continuous operation.
A typical Soft Capsule Grade Gelatin specification will be:
  • Gel Strength (bloom) 150 - 180
Viscosity (mps) 30 - 40
Gelatin is used in the preparation of the active ingredient and as binder in the tablet.
  Tablet Coating:
Gelatin is used as a film former in tablet coating. Tablets are generally coated to reduce dusting, mask unpleasant taste and enable printing and colour coating for product identification.
  Other Pharmaceutical applications of Gelatin include Suppositories, Micro-encapsulation, Surgical Sponges, Bacterial Growth Media etc.